Rain Covers for Mobility Scooters

Rain Covers for Mobility Scooters

Protect yourself and your Shoprider Mobility Scooter from the Rain, MOVO rain canopy. Rain covers for your Mobility Scooter is an essential accessory design to protect you and your Mobility Scooter from the Sun and Rain. As a flip up Canopy the MOVO rain and Sun Canopy offers the best protection from all of the elements.
Designed in Canada this Mobility Scooter Accessory is essential for individuals who often get caught out when traveling in their Mobility Scooter.

The MOVO sun and Rain Canopy fits most major outdoor mobility scooters and most noteworthy is how easy it is to use. No removing each time simply flip up when not in use.
Thanks to an ingenious installation using the hitch under the seat, Movo canopy is compatible with all models of 4 wheel and 3 wheel scooters, regardless of the year of manufacture.

The MOVO rain canopy is an easy-to-assemble foldback rain canopy that protects you and your scooter when you get stuck in light rainfall. The canopy also features a material cover, to protect you from the sun. Disclaimer: Scooters should not be driven in the rain if avoidable.

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