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Electric Wheelchairs

Buy Shoprider Cougar 14 Power Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchair Are you or a loved one in need of a wheelchair? Electric wheelchairs offer an invaluable mobility solution for those who have difficulty getting around due to physical limitations. In this article, we’ll explore the many benefits of electric wheelchairs and take a look at the different types of electric wheelchairs available. We’ll […]

Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooter As technology continues to improve and expand, it has become increasingly easier for people with disabilities to stay independent. Mobility scooters are one of the most helpful and convenient aids available, offering users a safe and comfortable way to move around. In this article, we will explore the essential features of mobility scooters, [...]

Shoprider Rocky 8 Mobility Scooter

Shoprider Rocky 8 Mobility Scooter

The Shoprider Rocky 8 Mobility scooter is synonymous with unparalleled standards of comfort, safety, engineering, quality and innovation. The SHOPRIDER ROCKY 8 Electric Scooter is the latest scooter from SHOPRIDER and it is loaded with great features. The ROCKY 8 has new and updated features including large low profile tyres for safety & comfort, fully […]

Shoprider Seka – All New – Coming Soon

Shoprider Seka Mobility Scooter

Shoprider Mobility Scooter SEKA – All New Mobility Scooter from the team at Shoprider. Shoprider is a world leader in design and safety of Mobility Scooters. The All New Skea is no exception. The SHOPRIDER SEKA is the latest scooter from SHOPRIDER and it is loaded with great features. The SEKA has new and updated […]

New This Month – Built with Safety in mind.

Merits 745 PLUS The 745 has a stylish eye-catching design with attractive modern colour range. It has loop handlebars that offer comfortable finger or thumb throttle operation along with adjustable power saving LED headlight, indicators front and rear, rear tail lights and reverse warning. The Eco 745 has an adjustable high back contoured seat with […]